I always hate filling in information in “About Me” boxes. What are you supposed to say? Are you supposed to be completely honest, a smart-ass, erudite? It’s so difficult to know what to share. Let’s see if this works. 🙂

I’m a homeschooling mother of three: Bookworm (14), Elf (12), and the Fey (9). They keep me busy. Their learning styles are different, as are their strengths and weaknesses in certain subjects. Some days I don’t wish to homeschool; it’s too draining for me. Other days, I can’t imagine not homeschooling.

I’m a writer, CG artist, knitter, avid reader, lover of all things steampunk, and incredibly geeky. Most everyone I know will tell you I hate jewelry; that’s not true. The truth is I am so incredibly particular about the jewelry I do wear, it’s hard to find any I truly love.

My obsessions hobbies lean towards anything fantasy-themed, octopi/kraken, owls, eastern dragons, wolves, narwhals, and oddly enough, bees. I am an avid baker (as evidenced by the WillWriteForCookies endeavor). Cookbooks are one of my favorite books to read; my tastes are all over the map. Currently, I’m in a Japanese food phase. The children will be quite glad when it is over as their love of sushi and miso isn’t as great as mine.

I am a solitary pagan, practicing a nature-based path. I try to eat in season and honor the changing seasons. While I do collect tarot decks, I’m not particularly gifted at reading tarot. I prefer runes. I’ve turned more focus to my spirituality in the last two years, since I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Meditation has been a great help in dealing with the pain from this diseases.

Yoga and bellydance are part of my daily routine. My Yoga Online is amazing; I love being able to practice a different yoga routine every day. I believe every woman should bellydance. It is an incredibly sensuous way to get in touch with your body, as well learn self-love. My teacher Seraphine is incredible; she is continually a source of inspiration for me.

I think that will do for now. 🙂 I’ll update this page later if I feel like it.


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