Depression is…

Real. Debilitating. Challenging. An everyday part of my life. An ongoing battle.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I’ve wanted to blog but found it difficult to muster the drive to follow through.

I suffer from depression. Most days I manage pretty well. Depression (at least for me) has highs and lows. When it is low, I accomplish many things, dance, create, and laugh. When it’s at its highest, I lack the drive to do anything, have trouble getting out of my head, dark, debilitating thoughts running on a constant loop in my mind.

I don’t prescription medications. It’s a personal choice, made for many reasons. One of the biggest being prescription medication shuts down my creative ability. I’m writer, artist, and dancer. I can’t function without my creative ability. I choose to treat my depression naturally with a variety of things.

My personal opinion is that some depression is normal. One doesn’t always feel giddy and ecstatic. Moods ebb and flow. It’s when the lows never end that it becomes a problem. Returning to normal after a depressive episode is a challenge. It doesn’t happen overnight.

It is worth fighting to escape the depression. Joy is increased. Life seems sweeter, brighter, after a depressive state.

My advice: Don’t fight depression on your own. Ask for help. Having someone listen (and not judge) is extraordinarily helpful. Being able to say, “I can’t get out of my head. Help me,” is incredible. Not to mention a lifesaver. I recently called my soulmate and said these exact words. He talked about nothing and everything, asking questions, encouraging me to interact. He led me out of my negative, dark headspace. It would be harder to manage my depression without him. I encourage you to find someone.

If you suffer from depression, you’re not alone. Reach out.



**I’m not a licensed therapist. This post is merely a reflection of my thoughts and my experiences in dealing with depression.


2 thoughts on “Depression is…

  1. I too suffer from depression and totally know how you feel, however, I do use prescription meds because that is the only way for me I can function 😦

    1. *hugs* Whatever helps you function, Karen. That is really all that matters. Being able to live your life instead of being stuck in your head with heavy thoughts.

      I have a question if you don’t mind. Do you find that your depression worsens with the weather? It it has been overcast and gray for days, I find my depression returning. (I’ve tried the sunlamps with no effect.) On those gray days, I find it difficult to accomplish anything. I feel just…ugh…throughout the day.

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