Is there anything more comforting than that first cup of tea? William Blake contemplated eternity in a grain of sand; I contemplate eternity in a steaming cup of strong Earl Grey. Tea invites contemplation. With each sip, I contemplate my day. The moments I want to savor. The things I need to accomplish versus things I want to accomplish.

The household wakes as I finish that first cup. Life happens. Messy, noisy, exuberant life. There is a different energy now. This energy requires a more robust, full-flavored, brew: coffee. No time for contemplation. Just drink and go.

Night falls. The house quiets. I turn once again to tea. Inviting the introspection as I sip. Letting the brew calm and relax me.

There is something comforting about bracketing my day with tea. A gentleness. A peace. Excuse me…the kettle is whistling.


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