Today’s accomplishments…

As part of letting go of my unrealistic expectations, I’ve started listing what I accomplished at night before retiring. If I look at what I wanted/hoped to accomplish, then I’m irritated, frustrated, and upset with myself. I believe I should be able to accomplish so much more even when I’m in extreme pain. By listing what I accomplished, I silence all the negative emotions.

Today I….made a homemade pie crust that actually turned out perfect (first time ever!), finished beading one vest panel, watched a video on how to cut up a whole chicken**, followed the video and cut up a chicken, helped the Elf with his math, helped the Pixie with her spelling, and started on Christmas cards.

It might not be everything I wanted to accomplish, but it was more than I thought.


**This is the video I watched: . I highly recommend this video and this channel. Maangchi is joy to watch and her recipes are really easy to follow and taste great!


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