Nearing the home stretch

Six weeks. Six weeks. *breathes relieved sigh* Six weeks until another school year has concluded.

Don’t misunderstand. I love homeschooling. I love the freedom of spending all day with my children, studying whatever takes our fancy. It makes learning fun, joyful.

Now, my children do have certain workbooks they have to complete. Most days they choose to complete their workbook pages every single day. Sometimes they choose to complete all their workbook pages on one day. They also have certain subjects they are required to study as the Bookworm (my oldest) is in high school. The Elf is in junior high which means he will receive credit for finishing the high school subjects. The Fey also watches and writes essays on the high school subjects. She will have to write a few more essays on those subjects in a year or two, but not really repeat everything.

For many of our elective courses, we’ve used Great Courses. They’re are incredible. These are used as the main subject matter with related books to help write essays. Currently we’re watching Understanding the Universe: An Introduction to Astronomy taught by Alex Filippenko, Ph.D. and How to Listen and Understand Great Music taught by Robert Greenberg, Ph.D. Both of these courses are excellent. I love watching them. Even my ten-year-old niece loves to watch them, even though much of the later astronomy lectures are beyond her understanding. Both professors are animated, passionate, and throw in amusing comments.

I honestly cannot recommend these courses enough. We’ve watched several history courses; some were enjoyed more than others. Feel free to email me about those.

It’s time for a cooking lecture with Chef Bill Briwa. He makes cooking fun…not to mention we all come away hungry. 🙂


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