Review: The Lure of the Wolf

The Lure of the Wolf by Jennifer St. Giles

Aragon is a Blood Hunter, a strong warrior determined to rid the mortal world of a deadly enemy. He throws aside his devotion to his comrades in his desire for vengeance. A medical doctor, Annette has forgone personal relationships in her desire to focus on saving lives. Her intense longing to find her sister lands Aragon in her life and puts her in danger from Aragon’s mortal enemy.

The Lure of the Wolf is fascinating. It has an amazing world with an incredible history (I would love to read an entire history of the various races and such, but I’m weird that way). Annette and Aragon have extraordinary depth and are perfect for each other. They are both warriors in their own way and choose to understand the other’s motives, even if they might not like them.

I enjoyed every moment of this book. It grabbed my attention and didn’t release me until the final page. I’ll definitely be reading more of Jennifer St. Giles’ work.


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