Review: The Scarletti Curse

The Scarletti Curse by Christine Feehan

Normally, when I write a review I start with a brief synopsis. However, the synopsis available on the paperback (or on Amazon’s kindle page) is quite accurate and descriptive enough to pique my interest. Quite a feat in itself. While not set on a remote moor or English countryside, The Scarletti Curse is a gothic tale, complete with gloomy castle, secrets, grave danger.

This was actually the first book by Christine Feehan I’ve read. She has a beautiful writing style. Tense, taut, descriptive. I didn’t stop reading until I finished the book. The heroine, Nicoletta is delightful, sincere, and caring. I understood and sympathized with her to be free, to roam the hills. Giovanni is dark, brooding, demanding, secretive, and protective. He doesn’t come across as the overbearing alpha male, at least not too much. He does listen and respect Nicoletta.

I quite enjoyed the time spent reading The Scarletti Curse. Now I want to read more of Christine Feehan’s work.



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