REVIEW: Mistress of the Solstice


Title: Mistress of the Solstice

Author: Anna Kashina

Available: Amazon

An unlikely hero on an impossible quest aided by ancient Immortals whose own stories capture one’s heart; a heroine who knows love must never touch her…everything leads to the Solstice. Good or evil? Which will seal the fate of the land?

“Mistress of the Solstice” is an engaging read. It captures the reader’s attention from the start and refuses to let go until the final word. The characters are human; one feels for them, hopes they will have a happy ending.

It was quite delightful to read a tale where Russian folktales are woven in seamlessly. Anna Kashina is a deft mistress of her craft; and I, for one, look forward to reading more of her work.

Copyright (c) December 2013 – Sharyn Cyreth


WillWriteForCookies Day 30 & final wordcounts

Today’s cookies are honestly the ones I love to make every year. I used to make them all year; having tasted one a moment ago, I think I’ll be going back to that. 🙂 There is something about gingerbread that screams holidays to me. It always has. These are not decorated yet. The Fey and the Elf plan to make the icing tomorrow which means my kitchen will be covered in sugar and food coloring. 😀 It’s always fun.


As I’ve mentioned, I worked on several different manuscripts this month. My official wordcount for the one novel is 23,241. If I had in the wordcounts for the other novels, I wrote a total of 52348. I am honestly quite pleased. I’d fallen out of writing this year. Adding up the wordcounts makes me feel like I’m actually accomplishing something instead of just wasting time (my family’s words). How did everyone else fare this NaNoWriMo?