WillWriteForCookies Day 28 & Thanksgiving

Today’s cookies were requested by the Fey. We made Devil’s Food Cookies. She loves these because they contain coffee. Not that you can actually taste the coffee.

Iced Devils Food Cookies

Today was also Thanksgiving (well, technically yesterday, but I haven’t been to bed yet). As an introvert, I absolutely hate Thanksgiving. Every year the grand-people (great, great aunts & grandparents) come to my house to celebrate Thanksgiving. This tradition started about twelve years ago when I decided I wasn’t traveling all over the state to visit relatives as I was massively pregnant and had a two-year old. My sisters and I started cooking Thanksgiving dinner and all the grand-people decided to visit us instead. So there are five grand-people, my uncle and his son, my parents, my two sisters and their four children (two apiece) plus my three children in my home.

I’m quite adept at dealing with my introverted nature when it comes to family gatherings. In fact, I’m so adept my family doesn’t even believe I am introverted. I’ve just learned how to smile and get through the day. I look forward to that moment when everyone has left and I can put my house in order (I have a touch of OCD too). Don’t get me wrong, I am quite thankful for my family; they are loving, generous, and helpful. I’m just also quite thankful when they leave. 🙂

Writing: Well, I wrote quite a bit yesterday. I’m up to 23,000+. I’ve got Friday and Saturday left. Honestly, I don’t know if I’ll make it, but I’m nearly half-way there and it feels good.

Hope your Thanksgiving (or day if you’re not from the States) was amazing.


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