WillWriteForCookies Day 27

Today’s cookie: Lemon Crisps. These are extremely lemony and I find myself eating more than I intend.

Lemon Crisps

I mentioned yesterday my camera was broken. A photographer friend stopped for a visit, took one look at the camera, fiddled with one dial, and proclaimed it repaired. Lo and behold, it worked. Apparently, the Elf and Fey were experimenting with the different buttons and dials. I felt quite dumb as I didn’t even think to check the dials. Anyway….*shrugs, smiles* Here’s a picture of the Strawberry Shortbread.

Strawberry Shortbread 2.0

It looks more like a pie here, because I didn’t use a big enough pan. The top layer of shortbread is actually above the top of the pan. This has a layer of shortbread, lemon curd, strawberry pie filling, and another layer of shortbread. The Elf and Fey have devoured it, so it must be pretty good. 🙂

Writing-wise: unless I spend all day Friday and Saturday at the desk writing, I don’t see myself making the NaNoWriMo goal of 50,000 words. I’m a bit upset as I am quite competitive and actually wanted to win NaNoWriMo. I was prepared to be upset with myself until I remembered my main goal was to write for an hour a day, to make writing a habit. I’ve accomplished my goal which is an incredible feeling.





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