WillWriteForCookies Day 26

Wow. I cannot believe how quickly this month has passed. Or that I have actually baked twenty-six batches of cookies. I’m counting down the days until I have no more cookies to bake. I was so excited, then the Bookworm reminded me I have Christmas baking to do. *sighs dramatically* I can’t win. 🙂

Today’s cookies were Strawberry Shortbread Cookies, again a repeat of an earlier cookies. I have changed these a bit, adding a layer of lemon curd and more strawberry pie filling. I planned to take a picture, because they look so amazing; however, Castiel, the Elf’s kitten, caught the camera strap and pulled it off the table and now it won’t take pictures. Once I find my mobile, I will take a picture with its camera and post it. I just have to remember where I had it last. *bites lip and tries to remember*

Have a good night!


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