WillWriteForCookies Day 19

As promised, the Iced Devils Food Cookies:

Iced Devils Food Cookies

Honestly, I find the icing makes theses cookies overwhelmingly sweet. Too sweet for me to even eat. Not that the kids are really complaining about that. 🙂

Today’s recipe was actually called “Sand Tarts”. You were supposed to use a circle cookie cutter, place a split blanched almond in the center, and sprinkle the cookie with cinnamon sugar. However, when I realized I would need cookie cutters I decided to actually use the cookie cutters I bought a few weeks ago. (I must admit, I love to buy cookie cutters; it’s a mild obsession. Having admitted this, I must also admit I rarely bake any type of cookie that requires said cutters. This doesn’t deter me from actually purchasing them which is why I have large Tupperware bowl filled to the brim with cookie cutters.)

So instead of Sand Dollars, I give you: Elephants, Rhinoceri, and Alligators.

Sugar Cookies


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