Days 4 & 5 of WillWriteFor Cookies & NaNoWriMo progress

Day 4’s cookies were Chocolate Euphoria Cookie Bars. While I liked parts of the bar, I think they could be better. I’ll be tweaking the recipe over the weekend and will post that recipe then.

Day 5’s cookies are Sun Moon Cookies. They’re delicate cookies with a light orange taste. I’m pretty sure this recipe will work great with GF flour, but I’ll know for sure when I test it this weekend. I’ll post this recipe after the GF test.

I’ve written over 5,000 words. Honestly, I find the writing quite difficult while the cookie baking is quite easy to fit into my already crazy schedule. My muse apparently likes the cookies more as ideas for tweaking the cookie recipes are flowing freely while the story simply isn’t. Every single word I have written feels like it has been dragged into the light. I refuse to give up; I will continue writing. On the other hand, I think my soulsister, Cynnara Tregarth might find herself with an abundance of GF cookie recipes. 😀


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